Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ptarmigan Ale Review

Ptarmigan Pale Ale

Tonight with dinner, I tasted the Ptarmigan Ale I brewed up last month.
It tasted just like a Sam Adams winter ale.....completely nailed the recipe on this one!
I can tell you this, I will definitely brew more of this, and soon.

I sampled this brew right after it completed 3 weeks of fermentation (that's one of the best parts of bottling day!) and I really thought I had brewed a real stinker. The beer tasted really hoppy, the Amarillo hops flavor was almost too overpowering for my tastes.

It wasn't until almost 3 weeks later when I tasted it again, after the carbonation stage had completed, that I was pleasantly surprised by the taste transformations that had taken place. This time I was able to quickly associate the beer's flavor and taste with a Samuel Adams Ale! It is amazing to me just how much of an influence on flavors an additional month of bottle conditioning makes on this brew.

For details on this recipe visit my March 5, 2010 Ptarmigan Pale Ale post.

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