Sunday, April 25, 2010

Samuel Adams White Ale - Revival

I have heard from many beer drinkers just how good Sam Adams White Ale was and just how much they miss it. They can't understand why such a great beer was discontinued when it appears to have had such a loyal following.

After researching this beer on the Internet for weeks I decided to reproduce it myself using off the shelf ingredients ordered from the Mr. Beer website.

I am also adding several adjuncts to the 'trial recipe' based on descriptions of flavor and taste provided by actual Sam Adams White Ale drinkers.

Based on the Belgian White style with a hazy orange body and a slight bit of sediment, spicy with hints of clove and citrus notes.

Orange peel, lemon zest, coriander, and grains of paradise are all prominent with clove and banana contributing to a sweet, spicy taste.

Flavor Summary:
Refreshing quencher, with sweet and grainy wheat and malt, with citrus and pepper notes

Aroma Summary:
Big and sweet, with spice on the nose, citrus, creamy vanilla notes, spicy coriander, wheat and yeast

My ingredients will begin with the 'Belgian Naked Witbier' recipe available on the Mr. Beer website. I will modify it by adding some lemon zest, grains of paradise and reducing the amount of cloves by half. To introduce a hint of banana I will use 'Liquid Wheat Yeast' instead of the standard 'Dry Brewing Yeast' that ships under the can tops of Mr. Beer Hop Malt Extract or HME.

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