Friday, June 11, 2010

Bottle Day Was Perfect

Today I bottled up 3 recipes KT's Caramel Hard Apple Cider, Ptarmigan Pale Ale and my favorite beer of all time 'Sam Adams White Ale Clone' that I created using the Belgian Naked Witbier recipe as my starting point.

This time I decided to process 8 litres at a time, first sanitizing each bottle and then adding 2 1/2 teaspoons of cane sugar to each bottle for carbonation priming. I use the optional locking spigot and bottom filling extension tube combination for easier bottle filling.

The White Ale clone tasted really good straight out of the 2 gallon fermenting keg as did the Ptarmigan Ale and the Caramel Hard Apple Cider. I always use my standard 21 day carbonation and 21 day minimum conditioning time so all 3 of these great beers will be ready to drink around the middle of summer.

The next 6 recipes I will be brewing up will have more of a fall weather kind of feel to them and one of them named 'Novacaine' a more late 2011 winter feel.

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