Friday, June 4, 2010

Fermenting And Carbonating

These 4 recipes have been fermenting at 70F since May 22, 2010 and have only 1 more week to go before I bottle them up. During the fermentation process the kegs are left undisturbed for 21 days. I screw the lids on tight after filling the kegs with wort on brew day and I won't unscrew them again until they've been emptied on bottling day.

I keep the kegs tilted on a slight angle by slipping empty CD cases under the spigot end of the kegs. This guides the settling trub away from the spigot and helps to keep the beer clear when bottling.

I use the optional locking spigots and bottom filler tubes, they really make a difference when doing a lot of bottling as I often do.

I also have 4 recipes carbonating at a constant 70F and they have 1 week to go before placing them downstairs to condition at 60-65F for at least 3 weeks.

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