Sunday, July 25, 2010

Brew Day - 6 Recipes In 5 Hours

 This weekend I was able to brew up 6 separate Mr. Beer recipes in under 6 hours, including cleaning up the kitchen! This makes my 27th batch to date, beginning in February 2010. It's been so hot here on the east coast that I decided to brew all 'lighter' ales, so we can have something to drink that won't knock us out so quickly in this heat.

 Mr. Beer is the only brewing system that I know of that allows me to produce such really great beer so easily. Practice makes perfect but be sure to sanitize all your gear that will come into contact with your beer including spoons, openers, measuring utensils, fermenters, pots, etc...

I use the 3-3-3 brewing method, as it works for me and has produced consistently great beer time and time again. I allow 3 weeks for fermentation, 3 weeks for carbonation and another 3 weeks for conditioning before drinking. After brewing 27 batches I can afford to wait this long as I have plenty of home brew on hand already.

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