Saturday, July 24, 2010

West Coast Pale Ale w/Pale Export

West Coast Pale Ale w/Pale Export
Features: Crisp, clean and refreshing taste (4.6% abv)
Price Range: $18.00

Overall Rating: Very Good

Incorporate the crisp, clean and refreshing taste of the West Coast Pale Ale with the traditional continental style of the golden colored Pale Export UME to create an American style cream ale.

West Coast Pale Ale w/Pale Export
1 Can West Coast Pale Ale (HME)
1 Can Pale Export (UME)
1 Packet Dry Brewing Yeast (under lid of HME)
1 Packet One-Step™ sanitizing cleanser


Fermentation, Carbonation And Conditioning Times:
21 days for fermentation
21 days for carbonation
28 days minimum conditioning at 50-70F
02 days minimum in fridge

Fermentation: 24-Jul-2010 to 14-Aug-2010 - (68-72F)
Carbonation : 14-Aug-2010 to 04-Sep-2010 - (68-72F)
Conditioning: 04-Sep-2010 to 25-Sep-2010 - (55-70F)

 Taste Sample Before Bottling

Brewer's Comments:
"This is my first time brewing this beer. I selected this 'Premium' recipe because it doesn't sound too 'heavy' so it should make a nice thirst quencher during these really hot summer days".

The ingredients used in this recipe included 1 can hopped malt extract (HME), 1 can of unhopped malt extract (UME) and 1 packet of dry yeast. Recipes having more ingredients require increased fermentation time, to allow the yeast to work.

Just as in the fermentation process carbonation times will depend on the complexities of each recipe. As a rule of thumb recipes containing many ingredients take longer to carbonate than recipes with few ingredients.

I usually condition my beers in a cool basement for 21 days before drinking it, allowing all the flavors to fully merge and mature in the bottle before drinking. In a dark basement, with a consistent year round temperature range of 55-70F, naturally brewed beer can be stored for up to 12 months. Prior to drinking the beer should be refrigerated for 24-48 hours and served cold in a clean glass.


  1. If you wanted it for summer you should have started earlier. With such a low ABV and only two cans of extract, is 3 weeks of fermentation and 7 weeks of bottle conditioning really worth it?

  2. Well yes and no. You see since switching to all grain brewing my beer is ready to drink in four weeks from brewday and they taste awesome. Mr. Beer brewing is easy to do and it taught me many of the basic brewing steps I still use today. It taught me how much I enjoyed brewing my own beer, how good sanitization was required to make good beer and that lots of attention to volumes and temperatures were very important too.