Friday, September 17, 2010

Recipe #34 - St. Patrick's Irish Stout

 In keeping with my promise to create and brew 6 interesting new versions of Mr. Beer favorite recipes using grains and upgraded yeasts for fermentation, I came up with the following St. Patrick's Irish Stout recipe. All the ingredients used, except for the grains, are available to order on the Mr. Beer website.

I used qBrew's default 'Irish Stout' style guidelines to crunch the recipe's numbers.

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Steep grains at 155F for 30 minutes in 1.5 quarts water
Boil hops in wort for 30 minutes, turn off flame and remove hops
Stir in HME and UMEs after flame out
Place in ice bath until wort temperature cools to 70F
Add 6 quarts cold filtered water to Mr. Beer fermenter
Pour cooled wort into fermenter keg and pitch yeast
Ferment at constant 62F temperature for 21 days

Size 2.13 gallons: Estimated IBU=32, SRM=38, OG=1.065, FG=1.016, ABV=6.3%

1/2 pound Crystal 10L steeped at 155F for 30 minutes
1 Can St. Patrick's Irish Stout (HME)
2 Cans Mellow Amber (UME)

1/4 ounce Goldings (US) pellet hops boiled for 30 minutes

1 Pouch Mr. Beer Liquid Stout yeast
Pitched at 62F and fermented at 62F

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