Thursday, September 23, 2010

Recipe #36 - Weizen/Weissbier

 This is the first recipe I've brewed using only DME and honey for fermentables. The hop schedule uses a 30 minute boil for bitterness, a 12 minute boil for flavor and dry finishing hops for aroma.

I used qBrew's default 'Weizen/Weissbier' style guidelines to crunch this recipe's numbers.

Size 2.13 gallons: Estimated IBU=16, SRM=4, OG=1.050, FG=1.013, ABV=4.9%
2 pounds Muntons Wheat DME
1/2 pound Golden Blossom Honey

1/4 ounce Hallertauer pellet hops boiled for 30 minutes
1/2 ounce Hallertauer pellet hops boiled for 12 minutes
1/4 ounce Hallertauer pellet hops finishing

11.5 gram Fermentis Safbrew WB-06 yeast
Pitched at 65F and fermented at 60F

Boil 3 quarts of filtered water
Boil 1/4 oz. hops for 30 minutes
Boil 1/2 oz. hops for12 minutes
Stir in DME and honey boil for 10 minutes
Use Screwy's Cooler to lower wort temperature to 70F
Add 4 quarts cold filtered water to Mr. Beer fermenter
Pour cooled wort into fermenter keg, including 1/4 oz. finishing hops and pitch yeast
Ferment at constant 60F temperature for 21 days

Wheat DME Boil Just Before the Hotbreak

 I followed the accepted brewing practice of adding the DME to the boil 10 minutes before flameout, as longer boil times have been reported to darken the DME's color. After stirring in the DME and boiling for about 5 minutes or so the mixture really started to foam up to the top of the pot. To prevent the mixture from overflowing and making a huge mess of the stove top I removed the pot from the heat source until the foam receded, this is known as the hotbreak. Once the foam settled down I put the pot back on the burner and completed the rest of the boil.

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