Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recipe #41 - Classic Bohemian Pilsner

 The recipe I'm about to describe is a Classic Bohemian Pilsner extract recipe that uses an Extra Light DME and some Carahell steeping grains for head retention. This style of beer was first  brewed in the 1840s placing it among the newest styles of beer. In keeping with the original style I have selected native Saaz hops for bitterness, flavor and aroma.

I used qBrew's default 'Bohemian Pilsner' style guidelines to crunch the recipe's numbers. You can download the October 2010 qBrew database below and use it to upgrade your current ingredient database. This latest ingredient database includes more yeast, fruits, extracts and other helpful entries then ever before.

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Recipe: Size 2.13 gallons: Estimated IBU=41, SRU=5, OG=1.046, FG=1.012, ABV=4.5%
1/2 pound Carahell (German)
2 pounds Muntons DME - Extra Light
1 ounce Saaz pellet hops boiled for 40 minutes
1/2 ounce Saaz pellet hops boiled for 15 minutes
1/2 ounce Saaz pellet hops boiled for 5 minutes
Wyeast 2007 - Pilsen Lager™ (Activate 3 hours before pitching)
Pitched at 65F and fermented at 50F

Steep grains at 150-170F for 30 minutes in 3.5 quarts filtered water

Boil 3.5 quarts of filtered water
Add and boil 1 oz. hops for 40 minutes
Add and boil 1/2 oz. hops for 15 minutes
Stir in 2 lbs. DME and boil for10 minutes
Add and boil 1/2 oz. hops for 5 minutes
Place in ice bath until wort temperature cools to 65F
Add 4 quarts cold filtered water to Mr. Beer fermenter
Pour cooled wort into fermenter keg aerate and pitch yeast
Ferment at constant 50F temperature for 21 days


  1. I noticed that in the ingredients for this and the last recipe, it say 1/2 crystal 10L. is that supposed to be 1/2 pound? Ive never dealt with this ingredient yet so I don't know if its pre measured or something like that.

  2. Thanks for pointing out that typo, it is supposed to be 1/2 pound of Crystal...