Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Ultimate Decorative Wall Mounted Bottle Decapper

It's always fun and a great feeling to introduce folks to the world of home brewed craft beer. It's also nice when one of those folks hand delivers a one of a kind bottle decapper. I picked the most appropriate spot on my garage wall to hang it too, alongside the refrigerator where all the beer's kept and the garage door for easy access. The decapper's size, shape and rugged design work perfectly together to make it a real conversation piece that works and looks great too!
Screwy's Own Custom Bottle Decapper
I take a lot of care along the way to make sure I brew, condition and serve the best tasting home brewed beer I possibly can, a beer that's unmistakeably good and appreciated by other brewers. It is only fitting that the bottled beer be opened with a sense of style. I can't explain what it's like having such a cool piece of brewing gear hanging on a nearby wall making bottle opening fun to do.

Handcrafted Using Wood From Drambuie Cases
The decapper is build from boards taken from a very old wooden liquor crate and then hand cut and assembled using brass hardware and glue. As the bottles are opened the caps fall directly into the cap catcher below, which can easily hold over 50 caps with room to spare. When it comes time to empty the cap catcher just hold a container under the decapper and pull down on the belt buckle parts mounted underneath to open the hinged bottom.

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