Tuesday, September 2, 2014

High Gravity eBIAB Brewroom Build

The Fall season is rapidly approaching here in the northeast and the daily outside air temperature continues to drop lower every night. It comes as no surprise that homebrewers around here are already planning their first brewday of the season and they know they will be brewing soon.

This is going to be another great year for homebrewing and home brewers thanks to the dedication of folks like those at HomeBrewTalk. They are the world’s largest website dedicated to providing the homebrew community with a wide range of homebrewing information along with the latest trends, facts, recipes and other important news. They have recently launched a new front page section to their HomeBrewTalk website. There you will find daily updates that provide a fresh perspective on all areas of homebrewing.

Be sure to read my latest article Indoor Brewing - Clearing The Air featured on the front section of the HomeBrewTalk website, be sure to check it out.

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