Monday, July 5, 2010

1 Litre PET Bottles & Custom Labels

After ordering 88 of the 1 litre PET bottles and applying the included Mr. Beer labels to them all, it occurred to me that I didn't want to advertise for Mr. Beer every time someone drank one of the  beer recipes I brewed. So I started peeling the Mr. Beer labels off the bottles, one by one until I now have nearly all of them off. In between peeling off the labels and and finding the safest way to dissolve and remove the adhesive that was left behind, I designed my own custom labels and sent the design off to be printed.

A shout out to our friends at Contagious Graphics, Inc. for doing such a nice job in printing my designs at a fairly modest price and delivering them on time. 

I used Goo Gone Spray Gel applied to a paper towel to get the adhesive off the bottles after the vinyl labels had been peeled off. Using light pressure I was able to rub and completely remove the adhesive in just a few seconds. I then wet another paper towel with water and applied dish soap to it and washed the bottles in the sink under running water to remove any remnants of the Goo Gone Spray Gel. 

While removing the labels and putting on the new ones I noticed that the bottles that I had emptied from prior batches had become deformed. When the bottles were new their necks were straight where the neck met the shoulder of the bottle. During the carbonation process the plastic bottles had become rock hard apparently deforming the shape of the bottles in the process.

In a side by side comparison it's easy to see how the new label design makes the beer bottles look more like my own.

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