Saturday, December 11, 2010

Joe Bair's 'Princeton Homebrew' LBHS

Located just off of Route 29 in Trenton, New Jersey at 208 Sanhican Drive, is Joe Bair's Princeton Homebrew LHBS, easily recognizable by the long green hop vines that stretch from sidewalk to rooftop. On a beautiful Fall day you'll find the front door wide open just past the grain mill that sits center stage on the sidewalk as you walk in the door.

Once inside the store as you pass the grain bins, and large sacks stacked on the floor, you'll meet Joe Bair. Joe's been running Princeton Homebrew for over 15 years (a long time considering home brewing was adopted in New Jersey less than 20 years ago in 1991). Joe is a really great guy, he cares enough about his customers to make sure they find exactly what they need to brew that perfect recipe.

Joe Doing Some Solar Brewing In Front Of His LHBS

 Joe is also well know for his pioneering solar home brewing process and recipes which have  been  published in Philly Beer MagazineBrew Your Own Magazine and on many Internet sites as well. Charlie Papazian has recognized Joe as being the world’s first modern day solar homebrewer and his solar brewing invention is currently awaiting patent.

Solar Brewing Invention Awaiting Patent

Princeton Homebrew is the LHBS for me and Joe is no doubt the most experienced brewer I've ever known. Whether he's teaching how to taste malts for raisin flavors, picking out the perfect ingredients for your great beer recipes or giving a short history lesson or two on the history of brewing, Joe Bair is the man you want to know!

Joe can be contacted by calling Princeton Homebrew at (609) 393-9399 or just stop by and tell him Screwy sent you.

Check out Joe's website and solar energy brewing video......

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  1. Joe's helped me with my brewing in so many ways it only seemed fitting for me to let others know about him too. His entire store is solar powered and very well stocked with all types of brewing stuff.

    It's folks like Joe who make homebrewing such a great experience, thanks to his brewing knowledge and willingness to share it with others.