Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recipe #31 - American Premium Ale Review

 Estimated  IBU=46, SRM=8, OG=1.059. FG=1.015, ABV=5.7%

 I brewed this recipe according to Joe Bair's directions, Joe owns Princeton Homebrew my LHBS, and tonight I finally got to taste one for the first time and I loved it. Fermented at 60F for 21 days using Fermentis Nottingham yeast and then carbonated at 60F for another 21 days the conditioning was done in my basement for another 21 days at about 65-70F. This beer was well balanced, flavorful, smooth and had just the right amount of carbonation.

Recipe #31 - Sample Of American Ale

The Nottingham yeast did a good job of fermenting this recipe, maybe it was the lower temperature range, or the amount of yeast cells pitched or both. I just drank a glass or two of this beer and it looked a lot different than what you see in this picture., I wish I had remembered my camera or we could be looking at it now.

This ale reminded me of a Sierra Nevada, it was loaded up front with Cascade hops, bittered for balance with wonderful flavor and aroma! Seriously I could just drink the beer until it was all gone, but that would leave me little to look forward to, it was that good. The carbonation was calculated using my Bottle Priming Calculator and it was spot on, just enough bite to blend in nicely with the smoothness of this fine beer. Even the head was perfect consisting of nice small creamy bubbles and the foam lasted from glass to glass (okay, so I had more than one).

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