Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funky Looking Krausen - Great Tasting Beer

 Last weekend I bottled up 6 different Mr. Beer recipes that had been fermenting undisturbed in my office for the past 21 days. A few of the kegs had some really funky looking krausen floating at the top of the fermenter and it was kind of scary looking.

Scary Looking Krausen

 At the bottom of the 2 gallon fermenter the trub had compacted solidly inside the trub tray. The beer in between the top funky krausen and the bottom trub was really clear, free of sediment and slightly carbonated.

Compacted Trub At Bottom Of Keg

 I poured a small 'tasting' sample of each beer recipe before I bottle them to see what they taste like. After 21 days of fermentation at 70F every recipe tasted like flat beer with a very slight amount of carbonation.

Bottling Sample

The best part of bottling day is getting to sample each of the recipes that have been fermenting away for the past 3 weeks, and having all those cases of home brewed beer on hand to drink.

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