Sunday, October 24, 2010

Screwy's Fermentation Chamber

  Today the fermentation chamber is officially operational, here's the long awaited picture. Tomorrow I plan to start filling it up with Mr. Beer fermenters. I'm planning to brew 4 different lager beer recipes tomorrow and put all 4 into the fermentation chamber. I want to ferment all 4 at a constant 50F for the next 21 days or so.

Frozen Water Bottles Go In The Top And Fermenters In The Bottom

 The top, bottom, front, back and sides have 2 inch thick foam panels on the inside to keep the cold in. 

Fours Not A Crowd

 The cold air from the frozen water bottles on top circulates downward forcing the warmer air upward where the cycle repeats itself naturally.

Ice Tray Holds Up To 15 Frozen Bottles


  1. thanks for posting so many different beer recipes that are from grain and that use a sized keg. Im just wondering how your able to do this? are you just using qbrew and it figures it out or do you have a formula for that? I unfortunately cant seem to get qbrew and download to work together, so i dont know if the program is doing the math or what.

  2. You can download the recipe in qBrew file format, save it in your qBrew program folder and open the recipe. When you open a recipe file the ingredients do not have to be in the database for you to view it.

  3. could we get more specs on this chsmber, how to construct?

  4. I don't have any formal design documents other than those published in my original posting of 'Screwy's Fermentation Chamber'. I do have a material cut list which I brought to Home Depot, they cut the 4 x 8 foot 1/2 inch plywood sheets down into the top, bottom, sides and front. If your still interested let me know.

  5. Screwy would you be able to post the material list as I'd be interested in building the same if you are seeing good results from your work.